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Youth Tackle Football Camp

Program Is for Current 2nd through 7th Graders

Camp will be Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

The MVP Youth Tackle Camp is designed to deliver the best technique training in the area from some of the top coaches in Lane County. We will have some of the top HS coaches, Current & Former College Players as well as the MVP staff to help prepare your son or daughter for the upcoming tackle football season. 


  • Proper Tackling Techniques-This will be accomplished with minimal full contact training. Our focus will begin on day 1 with no pads or helmets and teaching the players how to properly tackle to help prevent injury. 

  • Proper Blocking Techniques- Offensive & Defensive Line play is the most important part of any team. We will teach players how to properly block as an offensive player (WR's & RB's too).

  • Positional Techniques- All positions need to learn the proper fundamentals and techniques to succeed. We will have positional coaches teaching the proper fundamentals for each offensive & defensive position.

  • Speed, Agility, Quickness & conditioning- The camp will be ran similar to a High School Fall Camp. We will focus on skill development through out while progressing from no helmets or pads, to helmets only, to shells & finally fully pads. 

  • The camp will not focus on "Big Hitting". Our focus is on proper technique. There will be contact, but we will minimalize the amount of contact that any player takes. 

The camp will run the entire month of July. There will be 14, 90 minute sessions in total.

Camp Schedule-

Grade School- Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3pm-4:30pm

Middle School-Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4:45pm-6:15pm


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