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Youth Football Performance Training

Program Is for Current 2nd through 7th Graders

As the saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat. The same is true for training athletes. In fact, each athlete is unique and may need to be trained differently to get the desired outcome. I have met many coaches who have different opinions, experiences, and coaching techniques than myself, and still produce optimal athletes.

But, my goal for Football Performance System is to trim the fat, and focus on training principles that consistently deliver results. When we focus on training these modalities it has shown us improvement time and time again with athletes of all different ages and levels. Below, I want to touch on the modalities we will be using.

  • SPEED TRAINING-  We will place an emphasis on increasing the athletes acceleration and top speed, as well as their ability to change directions efficiently so they can move better on the field. 

  • POWER TRAINING- Power is the key to transition your strength into speed and jumping ability. As the program moves along, we need to focus on moving the athlete throughout the Speed/Strength Continuum in order to transfer absolute strength into relative strength so the athlete can produce more force from each step on the field. One big player in building relative force is plyometrics.

  • STRENGTH TRAINING- As stated prior, the focal point of this program is to build the body’s overall absolute strength and transition it to relative strength.



For our Youth Program, our younger kids will be doing Body Weight Strength Training. Our older youth kids will have a beginner level Strength Training Program. All of the athletes will do Plyometrics, Acceleration/Top End Speed & Change of Direction Training.

Trainings will be Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

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